Current Projects

Camirus works in partnership with public and private sector organisations across the UK. All of our projects are about accelerating the transition to a clean, cost-effective energy system through empowering people and through effective implementation of innovative energy systems solutions.

Significant projects we are currently working on include:


Repowering the Black Country

Leading a collaborative project with the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership and partners including the University of Birmingham, Pro Enviro, CR Plus and WMG to develop and implement a roadmap for decarbonising the Black Country industrial cluster by 2040.

Repowering the Black Country is developing a vision of complementary local industrial ecosystems and low carbon energy supply hubs, building on the Black Country’s 250 year history of innovation in energy and industry.   

This project is part-funded by UKRI through their Industrial Clusters Decarbonisation Programme.  


Regional Energy Systems Operator

A two year project in partnership with Coventry City Council, Energy Capital, Enzen, Electron, Western Power Distribution, Cadent Gas, and the universities of Warwick and Birmingham to design a smart, low carbon energy infrastructure for Coventry.

Camirus developed this project and is leading the design of the governance and organisation for the proposed smart local energy system design. In particular the project is exploring the potential for local energy markets in the UK, and at improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of city-scale energy infrastructure planning and management by giving local authorities the resources and powers they need to work effectively with the energy network operators and contribute to the national energy system transition.  

This project is part-funded by Innovate UK through their Prospering from the Energy Revolution Programme.


Reform of the UK approach to fuel poverty alleviation

Camirus is supporting the efforts of devolved and local authorities in England to play a greater role in managing efforts to alleviate fuel poverty. In particular, we have worked with Energy Capital West Midlands and SHAP to develop proposals for a more customer-centred, targeted approach which could be quickly and flexibly implemented across England in the wake of Covid-19.


Camirus has long-term working relationships with many organisations working in energy systems innovation (such as the Energy Systems Catapult, ERA, and in the university sector) and towards greater devolution of powers over energy to the English Regions in particular. 

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