Helping Electricity Distribution Network Operators Support the transition to Net Zero

A short-blog article produced for Western Power Distribution as part of my role working with them to develop a business plan which reflects the strategic interests of their customers.

Devolution as a pre-Requisite for a Just Energy Transition

Matthew contributed a chapter to English Regions after Brexit, edited by Steve McCabe and Beverley Nielsen (July 2020). He argues that devolution in the UK will be a mirage until the regions have powers, including fiscal powers, to take a degree of control over energy policy and local energy infrastructure

Some things government can do to facilitate the energy transition are easier than others

This is a short blog article for the Energy Research Accelerator, in my capacity as a Commissioner on their Waste-to-Energy and Circular Economy Commission (2019-20). Some things government can do to facilitate an efficient approach to energy from waste are simpler than others

The role of cities and regions in achieving net zero

A blog post for the ENA, arguing for a stronger role for cities in the UK energy system.

The Case for Regional Energy Infrastructure Commissioning Bodies

Markets need customers to work efficiently. The market for local energy infrastructure is critical to the future economic prosperity of the UK and there are currently no meaningful customers to make this market work. This needs to change.

Energy Innovation Zones – Developments and Next Steps

What are EIZs, where did the concept originate, and why might they offer a low-risk pathway to UK energy system transition?

A first principles approach to UK electricity code reform

A left-field analysis of why and how the way we run electricity markets in the UK needs to change

The role of regions in infrastructure markets

There is a missing participant in UK energy markets. We need strong customers with a strategic perspective to ensure competitive markets work efficiently.

The Energy Company Obligation needs fundamental reform

Unintended consequences of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – the UK Government’s flagship policy to address fuel poverty – mean it needs urgent reform.¬† Responding¬†to a BEIS consultation on behalf of the West Midlands, I argue the key to more efficient outcomes for customers is greater local authority control. Response

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