Helping Electricity Distribution Network Operators Support the transition to Net Zero

A short-blog article produced for Western Power Distribution as part of my role working with them to develop a business plan which reflects the strategic interests of their customers.

Devolution as a pre-Requisite for a Just Energy Transition

Matthew contributed a chapter to English Regions after Brexit, edited by Steve McCabe and Beverley Nielsen (July 2020). He argues that devolution in the UK will be a mirage until the regions have powers, including fiscal powers, to take a degree of control over energy policy and local energy infrastructure

Some things government can do to facilitate the energy transition are easier than others

This is a short blog article for the Energy Research Accelerator, in my capacity as a Commissioner on their Waste-to-Energy and Circular Economy Commission (2019-20). Some things government can do to facilitate an efficient approach to energy from waste are simpler than others

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